Heythat’sJaz Reboot

Happy Wednedsay everyone! I know that there hasn’t been a post in almost a year, but Heythat’sJaz is back and has a new makeover. Instead of us being Heythatsjaz.wordpress.com, we are now a “.com!”

That’s right. You read that correctly. Heythatsjaz.com has transformed into a beautiful platform for women and people of color to have their voices heard through topics such as pop culture and entertainment, beauty, race, gender, lifestyle, travel, and so much more.

Controversy creates conversation and with the new and improved Heythat’sJaz, it will make you want to kiss society’s vision good-bye, own your perfectly imperfect mind, body and soul with confidence, and aspire to inspire. We all have a voice and Heythatsjaz.com is an engaging outlet for people to do just that.

Self-love creates self-acceptance and happiness, but it all begins with you. Let’s embrace this journey and spread our magic together with positivity, love, experiences, and togetherness.

Make sure you all head over to Heythatsjaz.com, subscribe, share to friends and family and continue to be a part of our amazingly diverse family.

See you there, Heythat’sJaz family😘


Spotlight: Introducing Queen NzuriAnne

It’s Wednesday and you know what time it is: IT’S TIME FOR OUR #WCW SPOTLIGHT! This week’s #WCW is my fave. I’m excited about this one (like I am excited about every Spotlight). She is literally on my vision board as #hairgoals, which everyone should have on their vision board, right? Not only does she FULLY understand that smoothies are life, she’s stunning, a headworker and very ambitious. Say “Hello” to the Queen: NzuriAnne.

photo by NzuriAnne
photo by NzuriAnne

As always, I find these Queens on social media. I saw some of NzuriAnne’s modeling photos on tumblr and I was immediately drawn in by her luxurious locks. Her social media handles weren’t anywhere to be found until a natural hair Instagram page posted one of her pics and tagged her in it. I automatically followed her on every social media she had (stalker much?)

Because she is such a dope individual, I KNEW that I wanted Nzuri to be featured on Heythat jaz. I can go on and on, but without further adieu, LETS GET INTO IT! I really hope you enjoy this interview with this gem because I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Make sure you check her out on social media so that you can fall in love with her beautiful soul as well. Dios los bendiga (God Bless).

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Updated Wash & Go and Twistout Using DevaCurl’s *NEW* SUPERCREAM Coconut Curl Styler

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks or months when you feel like your hair has totally failed you? You have no clue what its issue is! You look through the products that you’ve been using for that perfect Wash & Go that you, your curls and everyone else loves wondering: How did we get here? Why are these products drying out my hair? These products aren’t moisturizing. What am I going to do?

Yeah. I had the same problem. I needed a styling product that was going to be moisturizing, nourishing and can hold/elongate my curls all at once. I tried different routines, but my curls weren’t loving them. Then, DevaCurl sent me their *NEW* SUPERCREAM Coconut Curl Styler.

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Review-Rant-Rave: DevaCurl’s *NEW* Decadence No Poo & One Condition

Hello everyone! WOW! It’s been a minute. I have been so busy lately and my life has taken a lot of twists and turns, but I’M BACK.. ONCE AGAIN! Thank you for sticking with me.

I am so excited to share my new goodies with you guys! The beautiful people from DevaCurl have sent me products from their *NEW* line that they are releasing in September called Decadence. They sent me the line’s “No Poo” and “One Condition” and also their new (and currently available) “SUPERCREAM: Coconut Curl Styler.” *DISCLAIMER*  A video on how I used DevaCurl’s SUPERCREAM will be available next week😉

Check out the video and see if it’s Heythats jaz Approved or DECLINED. I hope you guys enjoy!

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#NaturallyTalented: Superstar Andrea Lewis makes noise in the Entertainment Industry

Hello, Kings and Queens! Welcome back! I hope you guys have had a blessed and fulfilling week. This week on Heythats jaz, I would like to introduce to you a new segment called, “#NaturallyTalented.” This segment will focus on natural beauties and their natural talents that they have been blessed with and I thought what better way to start the new segment than with Entertainer Andrea Lewis.

photo by Andrea Lewis via Instagram
photo by Andrea Lewis via Instagram

Many of you know her as Hazel Aden from Degrassi Seasons 1-5, but she is so much more. I chose her as my subject because she inspires me on a whole other level. Through her being one of my #UltimateHairCrushes to her entrepreneurism, she embodies talent, tenacity, valor and success.

Writing this article did a lot of great things for me personally and helped me realize what I am capable of. I hope you all enjoy the article as much as I did interviewing the lovely and bubbly Andrea Lewis.

*Editor’s Notes: Thank you, Andrea, for your help and for being so kind. I pray that God blesses you in everything that you do.*

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Spotlight: Introducing Queen Mercedes

Hello, my lovelies! I know that I was on, yet another mini hiatus, but it’s officially summer and I’m back in action! To start the summer off right, here’s another beautiful Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) Spotlight Feature! I would LOVE to introduce to you all this #HairCrushWednesday #HairCrushEveryday: Mercedes Moore, also known as Two Dollars Richer on social media.

photo by Mercedes Moore
photo by Mercedes Moore

Not only is she the ultimate #hairinspiration #HairGoals, but this beauty has a poppin’ Instagram and YouTube channel that will make your jaw drop and make you want to follow and subscribe to whatever social media outlet she has. I first came across Mercedes on @myhaircrush on Instagram. I was in awe of her huge, curly hair and she made me excited about my hair again.

With her being loved and adored in the natural hair community and on social media, I knew that I had to have her bless Heythat Jaz with her presence as a Spotlight Feature. I really hope you enjoy this interview with “my friend in my head,” because I DID and it made my day. Make sure you check her out on social media so that you can fall in love with her beautiful soul as well. Dios los bendiga (God Bless).

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New Year, No Heat Challenge: Heatless Spiral Curls With Flexi Rods on Natural Hair (Tutorial)

Hey guys! Welcome back! I know that I’ve been M.I.A. lately, but as always, I AM BACK! I hope you guys have had a great month and have stayed warm in this harsh, cold weather.

photo by Heythats jaz -- Heatless Spiral Curls on Natural Hair
photo by Heythats jaz — Heatless Spiral Curls on Natural Hair

Since I’ve been on yet another mini hiatus, I wanted to share with you guys what you can do if you’re sick of your “go-to” styles during these harsh winter months. Enjoy! Continue reading

Spotlight: Introducing Queen FroGirlGinny

It’s Wednesday, everyone, and you know what that means… It’s  Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW) AND it’s time for yet another spectacular “Spotlight” interview! Can you feel my excitement?! Okay, okay, okay.. now let me tell you why I’m smiling while I’m typing. This most beautiful, radiant soul has gorgeous curls, jaw-dropping style and an amazing heart to match. I am so proud to introduce to you all Ginny Pettitt, also known as FroGirlGinny on social media and the natural hair world, as this week’s #WCW Spotlight.

photo by Ginny Pettitt
photo by Ginny Pettitt

From talking to her via Snapchat and emailing back and forth, FroGirlGinny is such a beautiful person inside and out. She has a smile that lights up a person’s day and is very inspiring. I came across Ginny and her curls on a natural hair Instagram page and I knew that I HAD to follow her on EVERY social media website. From that point on, she became another one of my ultimate #HairGoals, #HairCrushWednesdays and #VirtualSoulSister.

I had to know EVERYTHING about her and her endeavors (because that’s what journalists do). I pray that you all will enjoy this interview because I definitely enjoyed doing it! Make sure you check her out on social media so that you can fall in love with her bright light as well. Dios los bendiga (God Bless).

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